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Successful Home Buying: Financing Your Home

For many home buyers, shopping for a new home can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, by taking the right steps from the start, your home buying experience can be a simple and enjoyable one.

Are you ready to find your perfect home? Don’t hunker down for that HGTV marathon just yet. You’ll first need to need to figure out what you want, what you can afford and where you want to live. Here are three simple steps for successfully financing your home.

Step 1: Determine Your Home Buying Goals

Before you get started . . .

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Introducing MPLS LIST

MPLS RENT is excited to announce the launch of MPLS LIST! Together, we’re your one-stop shop for buyers, sellers, renters and property owners.

Selling your home? Working with us gives you an advantage. When you’re thinking about selling, we’ll look at all the factors that go into making this decision and help you choose the best solution. And if you find it’s better to rent than sell your property, we’ll connect you with our database of renters, most of whom have expressed an interested to buy in the near future.

Thinking of buying? Searching for your new home or investment . . .

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Why Millennials Are Renting, Not Buying

Why buy when you can rent? From retail to hospitality to homeownership, the Millennial generation has become one of renters. Young adults who have reached the home-buying area are waiting much longer to purchase a property than previous generations, or sometimes not at all.

Rather than settling down in a suburban home, they’re heading to major metropolitan areas like Minneapolis and taking up residence in urban apartments. Here’s a closer look at why Millennials find renting to be the better option.

The Recession

Economically speaking, Millennials were hit hard during the recession. Young adults who graduated college from 2006 to . . .

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Downsizing: Tips for Transitioning to a Smaller Space

Downsizing from a single family home or townhouse to an urban condo or loft? When moving to a smaller place, scaling back your belongings requires a bit of planning and smart decision making. If you’re not sure how to pare down all of your extra stuff, here are some tips for transitioning from a larger home to a smaller space.

Start early. Give yourself at least a month to get organized. Put a downsizing game plan in place so you can avoid the mad rush of eliminating things on moving day. Measure! If possible, scope out your new condo and . . .

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New Condos Coming to Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis is experiencing a rental housing boom, particularly in upscale neighborhoods like Uptown, North Loop and near the University of Minnesota. So it’s no surprise that new luxury rentals are coming soon to the north end of Lake Calhoun.

In April 2014, the Cedar-Isles-Dean Neighborhood Association (CIDNA) Board approved two projects for the neighborhood, at the recommendation of its Land Use Committee. The high-rise apartments will be located on the busy West Lake Street, a popular city thoroughfare. Both developments will afford residents with gorgeous views of Lake Calhoun and the downtown skyline.

2662 West Lake St.

Greystar, a South . . .

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Urban Living Now: Luxury Apartments vs. Condos

Over the past year, you may have noticed a change in downtown Minneapolis. Dozens of newly-constructed luxury apartment buildings have sprouted up, with more in the works.

Developers are designing high-end complexes that mimic the luxury benefits of privately-owned condominiums. Why be weighed down by ownership when you can get the same perks by renting a high-end apartment?

A Matter of Property Characteristics

Apartments and condos are easily confused, but the key (and most recognized) difference is ownership. There are several other distinctions that classify these dwelling types, however. Here’s a quick look at the common differences between them.

Apartments . . .

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Historic Soo Line Building Apartments

I love living in Minneapolis. I’m from Australia and live and breathe for the ocean, but Minneapolis is a thriving city I am happy to now call my own.

And one of the most exciting things happening in Minneapolis is the refurbishing of old commercial buildings and giving them new life as residences. A great example is the Soo Line Building in downtown, once the tallest commercial building in the city, it’s now one of the most stylish places to live.

I love modern design, but I also have a great love for tradition and history. While the inside has . . .

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