Minneapolis ranked #1 Healthiest City

by Joe Kirkwood

When most people think of Minneapolis as a place to buy or rent property that they can call home, they think of long cold winters.  This is true…we do indeed have long, cold winters.  Perhaps it makes us heartier, though, because recently, Minneapolis was ranked the #1 Healthiest City by Forbes Magazine.  Let’s get something straight, though.  Winter is four…okay, sometimes six months of the year.  But, we do have six other months and most of those are fairly delightful.  Trust me…it can actually get hot here in the summer.  No lie!


During our “nice” months, Minneapolis is home to many scenic lakes and nature trails.  Let me tell you….Minnesotans truly enjoy it when they can get out into the fresh warm air. So during the warmer months, people all over our beautiful city are walking, exercising, biking and taking part in any activity they can find outdoors, especially by one of the beautiful lakes in the metro area.  Even in winter, you’ll find people out sledding, skiing and skating on crisp clear days.  Simply put, we enjoy the fresh air and we thrive on it.


Minnesota officials put into place a Clean Air act a few years ago and smoking was banned in public places and restaurants.  Minneapolis and the surrounding area has also sets aside a large part of its land as designated parkland, which offers plenty of recreational space such as ball fields and golf courses.  In a nutshell…we, in Minneapolis love the outdoors and we love to breathe clean fresh air, which makes us less likely to have asthma and cardiovascular disease.


At MPLS Rent, a premier Minneapolis property management company, we want you to experience our lovely city and make it your home whether you need a single family rental home or are looking for a trendy down town loft to rent.  We are here to assist you in finding the perfect Minneapolis rental property to fill your needs as well as educate you on places of interest and familiarize you with the area.  We hope that, with time, you’ll call Minneapolis your home…with a big healthy smile on your face.


After all, there’s no place like home.

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