Dinkytown is the perfect urban living destination for college goers. Located next to the University of Minnesota, the neighborhood features an assortment of apartments, condos and lofts, most of which are occupied by students. Dinktytown’s lively atmosphere and eclectic, locally-owned shops are a huge draw for young residents.

Neighborhood Boundaries

Dinkytown is located just north of the University of Minnesota campus in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. It’s bordered by 8th Street SE to the north, 15th Avenue SE to the east, University Avenue SE to the south, and 10th Avenue SE to the West. The heart of the community may be just four blocks in size, but it’s a vibrant hub of activity, fun and creativity.

Neighborhood History

There are several stories around how Dinktytown got its name, though there’s nothing conclusive in the history books. A popular theory is the neighborhood was named after the trolleys and railcars that once provided transportation for residents, also known as “Dinkys.” Another theory is that the community was named after a former store called Grodnik’s. In Slavic, Grodnik is loosely translated to mean “small town.”

Neighborhood Landmarks

Over the years, Dinktyown has seen much developmental change, and few historical landmarks remain. Al’s Breakfast opened its doors in the 1950s in a small alleyway between two large buildings. This teeny eatery is just 10 feet wide, hosts 14 seats for hungry guests, and was has featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Dinktyown also features several colorful murals that pay tribute to the neighborhood’s history from the 1960s and 1970s. Painted in 2006, the artwork reflects the student activism and thriving music scene of a bygone era. Notable displays include The Dylan Mural, Peace Protests Mural, and Historic Businesses Mural.

Neighborhood Activities

The area boasts several popular restaurants and staple eateries, including The Dinky Dome Food Court, Loring Pasta Bar, Al’s Breakfast, Annie’s Parlour and Vescio’s Italian. Residents can hit up The Varsity Theater to watch live concerts, comedy shows, and even the Air Guitar Championships. Another entertainment hot spot is The Kitty Kat Club, which features dinner, drinks and dancing.

Bike lovers and commuters can ride along the The Dinkytown Greenway, a bike highway and regional trail that runs along the north side of the neighborhood. For a tune-up, visit Erik’s Bike Shop or Varsity Bike and Transit. The picnic area at Marcy Park offers residents a nature-inspired alternative to traditional dining out.

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