Keewaydin is one of four neighborhoods that makes up the most southeastern portion of Minneapolis, often referred to as Nokomis East. Keewaydin boundaries are Minnehaha Parkway to the north, 34th Avenue to the east, 54th Street to the south and Cedar Avenue to the west. Most of Lake Nokomis is within the neighborhood’s boundaries.

Keewaydin is essentially at the heart of the Nokomis community and like other neighborhoods within this community, Keewaydin received its name from an Ojibwe legend mentioned in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, The Song of Hiawatha. Keewaydin is Ojibwe for “northwest wind,” or “the home wind.”

The majority of residents in Keewaydin are young professionals and young families who occupy small, charming homes. The homes are considerably larger closer to Lake Nokomis or Minnehaha creek on the north side. Many of the hot spots in Keewaydin are small, local establishments, like Nokomis Beach Coffee, Mel-O-Glaze bakery, Al Vento and Dominguez restaurant.

Keewaydin Park and Lake Nokomis offer many recreational opportunities for residents, including the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, which is an amateur tournament that draws hockey enthusiasts from all over North America, many of whom have pro and college hockey experience. Other than specific events like this, the lake and neighborhood offers many other amenities, such as softball and baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, a wading pool and tot lot, picnic areas, walking paths and Lake Nokomis Community Center.

Keewaydin Top Picks

Coffee & Bakery

  • Nokomis Beach Cafe 28th Ave S & 50th Street (612) 332-4358
  • Mel-O-Glaze Bakery 4800 28th Ave S, MPLS 55417 (612) 729-9316
  • Nokomis Beach Coffee 4956 28th Ave S, MPLS 55417 (612) 729-2190

Happy Hours

  • Alvento 5001 S 34th Ave, MPLS 55417 (612) 724-3009


  • Dominguez Family 3313 E 50th St MPLS 55417 (612) 724-8493
  • Alvento 5001 S 34th Ave, MPLS 55417 (612) 724-3009

Parks & Recreation

  • US. Pond Hockey Championships Lake Nokomis Jan 18/20

Education & Childcare

  • Lake Nokomis Community School K/12 5625 23rd Ave. S. MPLS 55417 612.668.5040

Shops & Businesses

  • McDonald’s Liquor Store 5010 34th Ave S MPLS 55417 (612) 721-6686
  • Oxendale’s Market/Grocery 5025 34Th Ave, MPLS 55417 (612) 724-4474

Looking to Buy in Keewaydin?

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