North Loop

North Loop

One of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Minneapolis, the North Loop is in a constant state of growth. Almost all of the housing available in the North Loop consists of historic warehouses and factories that have been renovated to make them comfortable residences and lofts. While traditional homes also exist here, property managers would confirm that this is the spot to find unique, loft-style living.

North Loop’s Neighborhood Boundaries

Located in the Warehouse District, the North Loop is situated just northwest of the central business district, between Downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River. The community is roughly bordered by Hennepin Avenue, Plymouth Avenue, the freeway on-ramp at 4th Street in the southwest, and the Mississippi River in the northeast. The main street that runs through the North Loop is Washington Avenue.

North Loop’s Neighborhood History

Also known as the Warehouse District, the North Loop was once the shipping hub of the city. The area saw much commercial growth between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Top architects and engineers were called upon to design these now-historic buildings, with around 300 warehouses constructed by 1920. Today, the district is known for its converted warehouses and cool, contemporary living spaces.

North Loop’s Neighborhood Landmarks

Though most of the aging warehouses in North Loop have been converted for residential and commercial use, many facades still reflect the architectural trends of decades past. Residents from around the Twin Cities flock to the area for the Minneapolis Farmers Market, established in 1937. The Warehouse District also features landmark restaurants like Monte Carlo and JD Hoyts.

North Loop’s Neighborhood Activities

The North Loop became a gentrified and desirable neighborhood in the mid-1990s due to its close proximity to everything Minneapolis has to offer. Food and drink lovers can experience an abundance of restaurants, breweries, cafes and even food trucks. Plus, there’s no shortage of entertainment and nightlife.

Residents can enjoy playgrounds, family-friendly parks and an off-leash dog park are located here, with plans to convert parking lots into more parks in the works. The James I. Rice Parkway (and park) is part of the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. It features paved walking and cycling paths; riverside hiking trails; and picnic areas. The Byway is as much of a recreational area as it is a passageway to other parts of the city.

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North Loop Top Picks

Coffee & Bakery

  • Dunn Bros. Coffee 228 N. Washington Ave, MPLS 55401 612.333.1711
  • Moose&Sadie’s Coffeehouse 212 N. 3rd Avenue, MPLS 55401 612-371-0464
  • Corner Coffee 514 N 3rd St Ste 102 MPLS 55401 (612) 338-2002

Happy Hours

  • Smack Shack 603 Washington Ave N 612-259-7288
  • Fulton Brewery 414 6th Ave N 612.333.3208
  • The Loop 606 Washington Ave. N. MPLS 55401 612.340.0010


  • The Freehouse 701 N Washington Ave N (612) 339-7011
  • The Loop 606 Washington Ave. N, #100, MPLS 55401 612.340.0010
  • The Bachelor Farmer 50 North 2nd Ave 612.206.3920

Parks & Recreation

  • Above the Falls Sports 120 3rd Ave N, MPLS 55401 612.825.8983
  • North Loop Dog Park 3rd Street N & 8th Ave N, MPLS 55401 612-230-6400
  • 4th Ave Playground 4th Avenue North and James I. Rice Parkway

Education & Childcare

  • Twin Cities Int’l Elementary School 277 12th Ave N MPLS 55401 612-821-6470
  • DeLaSalle High School 1 De La Salle Drive Minneapolis, MN 55401 (612) 676-7600

Shops & Businesses

  • Martin Patrick3 212 3rd Ave N, Ste 106, MPLS 55401 612.746.5329
  • Handsome Cycles 115 Washington Ave N, MPLS 55401 612.353.4035
  • North Loop Fitness 800 Washington Avenue North Suite 108

Arts & Entertainment

  • The Lab Theater 700 North 1st St, MPLS 55401 612-333-7977
  • Target Field 1 Twins Way, MPLS 55403 612.659.3400