Preparing your property for rent

by Joe Kirkwood

The saying “First impressions count” is very true when showing rental properties to potential renters. Why? Simply put, if a property looks well-maintained with no repairs are needed, you’re likely to gain more interest from the prospective renter with the possibility of even collecting a higher rent. If the property is occupied by tenants, we recommend providing an incentive such as a discounted rent in an effort to keep the place tidy and clean while you or the management company showing the property can rent it out again. Providing a minimum of 24 hours notice or more is thought to be enough time for tenants to clean, but the truth is – you have no control over this whatsoever.
When you lease your property out for the first time, it’s important to make sure you have the proper rental license your city has enforced. An inspector will likely be called out to make sure the property is up to code before issuing the license.

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